Our history

About us

CBE ELETTRODOMESTICI is an artisan business with vast experience in its sector that produces domestic and professional electric waffle makers, manual domestic moulds for cooking on open flames waffles, ferratelle and the Spiedigrill electric griller, wholly made in the Abruzzi, Italy.

What we do

CBE ELETTRODOMESTICI has added to the classic moulds for fires the production of electric waffle makers, a product that simply and immediately re-elaborates the classic waffle mould, making its use dynamic and modern while still respecting centuries of tradition.
Inspired by the ancient iron hot plates for cooking on fires, the company produces waffle makers with hot plates in aluminium for food that are a centimetre thick in which are housed the resisters that allow quick uniform cooking and low energy use.
Next to the production of waffle makers for making the traditional sweets from the Abruzzi (ferratelle, neole, pizzelle, cancellate) the range of products is enhanced by models that satisfy the various regional and international specialities (brigidini, canestrelli, necci, borlenghi, ciacci, waffles, gouffre, etc.): our models offer more than thirty varieties of shapes and thicknesses.
In order to satisfy the professional clientele, CBE ELETTRODOMESTICI produces the 2000 SERIES that is suitable for professionals of the bakers and pastry making. Our customers include bakers, pastry chefs and producers of sweets.
The SPIEDIGRILL was created from our love for the most typical tradition of the Abruzzi, the arrosticino (lamb skewers) and it is adaptable for cooking meats, fish and vegetables.


Our objective is to satisfy demand from every type of consumer, from the housewife who cares for tradition, to those who seek quality and authenticity of the ingredients. Professional operators will find in our products valid assistance for expressing their creativity.

How we produce

CBE ELETTRODOMESTICI hand crafts its waffle makers beginning with the gravity casting of the aluminium plates, up to the assembly of the mechanical and electrical parts. All the materials used are certified, from the aluminium ingots for food products to the other components.
Our research continues with a view to improvement, selecting our suppliers according to quality and security. Before leaving our factory, all our products are verified to verify their proper operation.